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Pet Food Express (PFE) Adoptions hopes to find loving homes for every adoptable animal in our community.

Here’s how PFE Adoptions works:

Every participating shelter and rescue organization gets a place to put up animal pictures and bios, event information and contact information for their shelter. Visitors to the site can view animals in the data base by type, size, age and activity level and for specific shelters/rescues or from all the shelters/rescues at once. We’ve participated in over 61,500 adoptions through our site and with your help we can go much, much further towards creating happy endings for animals in need of families.

We will send over information to whoever will be responsible at your organization for the picture taking, sizing and uploading of information to the site. Since we know how busy volunteers can be, we've also partnered with and their Pet Adoption Portal, which can automatically send your animal data and pictures to us as well as a long list of pet adoption sites. You update one pet list, and the other web sites get updated! If you're interested in possibly using this service please visit They offer all of their services free to animal welfare organizations. If you end up signing up, we just need the id number that they provide you and the information for your organization page.

Criteria for new shelter or rescue group admission

1. Must be an active California animal welfare organizaton with a history of working well in the community.
2. Must be a 501(c)3 organization.
3. Must Have an Adoption Contract.
4. Must charge an Adoption Fee.
5. Must spay/neuter and vaccinate all animals before going home.
6. Must have a facility (including mobile adoption venues) or web site for viewing animals.
7. Must have a number or email to inquire about the animal and to arrange to make an appointment for viewing F2S (face to snout). Pets must be available to be viewed in a public location sometime during the week or weekend (such as at Pet Food Express—but it can be at any mobile adoption location). This can be listed on the site under events.
8. The animals that are on Pet Food Express Adoptions must be up-to-date at all times. This means as soon as an animal is adopted or transferred to another location, it should be taken off the site.

To begin the application process, please download and complete the PDF application. Once you complete the application — please email it, a copy of your adoption agreement and a copy of your 501c3 Status (if applicable) to the Web Admin.