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Friends4Pets is a new animal rescue group in Santa Clara County..  One might ask, “Why form a new rescue group?  There are already some here.”  That is true.  However, there were still almost 3,000 cats and kittens euthanized in just one local shelter last year.

Our purpose is to lessen that number by rescuing as many of these shelter animals as possible, spaying or neutering them, and working hard to see that all are adopted into new loving homes.  However, if some are never adopted for any reason, they will have a loving home here.  We will never have an animal euthanized unless it is suffering from illness or injury and cannot recover.

Friends 4 Pets participates in the Trap-Neuter-Release program for feral cats also.  When spayed and neutered cats are returned to feral colonies, the numbers eventually reduce.

Public education is a very important part of our program.  Everyone needs to know the reality of feline over-population and the heart-breaking euthanasia rate.  Everyone needs to know about the importance of spaying or neutering every animal in order to lessen this problem.

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