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Redding, CA 96002
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ResQ Animal Coalition is a small, volunteer, non-profit (501 3c) animal welfare organization located in Redding, CA, networking to save lives. Our primary focus is toy dogs and terriers. We oftentimes take on the "unadoptables" - those who come from puppy mills, hoarders, or abusive situations or those who are considered "too old" to deserve a loving home for the remainder of their lives.

We believe in the quality of our adoptions, not the quantity. We take extra time and effort to ensure that our adopters and our animals are carefully screened so that we can provide the best match for both the adopter and the pet. Oftentimes, we won't offer an animal for adoption until weeks, sometimes months have gone by in our care so that we can determine its needs and personality. Additionally, we will not adopt to the first person who applies for an animal. We will wait for as long as it takes to make the best match.  Our job is to prepare each dog for its new adoptive home, however long that takes and however much effort it requires - we take them to the first "level"; the adopter's job is to take it from there. 

All of our animals are kept in foster homes in order to give them the best care. They are a part of our families and not kept strictly in kennels.  They are crate trained, started on housetraining if needed, and evaluated to determine their temperments. They are fed a high quality, organic dog food and treats.

Our animals come to us from many different places:  high kill "shelters", strays, puppy mills, backyard breeders and owners who would rather not give their family member to a shelter or a "pound" when circumstances prevent them from keeping them.  We will also help out other rescues when we are able, who are full and can't keep an animal.

We also specialize in parrot, tortoise and turtle rescue. We have a certified herpetologist and aviculturist available to help out with with these special friends.

  1. Adoption Fees vary dependent on the needs of the animal
  2. Pre-application in our website must be filled out and emailed
  3. Phone interview.
  4. References contacted
  5. Possible home visit
  6. In person interview
  7. Adoption Contract signed
Adoption Fees

ADOPTION FEES  are required for each dog. The fees vary according to the age, health and needs of each animal. They helps cover the cost of any medical expenses, boarding, feed, etc. incurred by the dog.  Many times the adoption fee does not cover the cost of the dog, but may be covered by the fee of another.

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