Rohnert Park Animal Shelter


Address:301 J. Rogers Lane
Rohnert Park, CA 94928
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Wed: 1 - 6:30pm
Thur - Sat: 1 - 5:30pm
Sun: 1 - 4:30pm
Closed Mondays and Tuesdays (lost animals are still redeemed).
After hours - Please do not abandon pets on our property - it is neither safe nor humane!

Phone:(707) 584-1582

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Animal Services

The Rohnert Park Animal Shelter is run by the City of Rohnert Park under the direction of the Department of Public Safety.  We currently contract with the City of Cotati to provide sheltering services for stray animals and will accept in owner surrenders from their residents as our space allows.

Giving Animals A Second Chance

As a municipal, open-admissions shelter we receive in animals that are found stray within our jurisdiction, animals that owners no longer can care for, as well as injured and abused animals.  We also hold animals that are under bite quarantine for rabies control.  Our annual intake averages about 1,200 animals – down from a high of 2,100 animals in 1999.

Through our proactive monthly Fix-it Clinics we offer our residents FREE cat spays/neuters and very low-cost dog altering to reduce the number of kittens and puppies that come through our door.  Our declining number of intakes show that this approach is paying off!

Our “No More Lost Pets” program, generously funded by the Animal Shelter League of Rohnert Park, offers our residents FREE ID tags and Microchips to assure that every lost pet has a way to be reunited with their worried parents.

We work tirelessly to find good homes for every animal in our care and provide top-notch veterinary care for those in need.  Through your generous support we are able to go above and beyond in our ability to help animals get the second chance they deserve.



The adoption process:

The first step in adopting an animal is making a trip to the shelter. Although you can see many of our available animals online, you might want to visit the shelter personally since this site is not 100% current.

1.So that you’re not asked the same questions by each person assisting you, we ask you to fill out a short profile. This information will help us find you the perfect animal for your family and lifestyle.

2.Spend time with the animal! Make sure that the entire family feels comfortable with the one that you have selected.

3.If you already have a dog and are looking to adopt another, you will be asked to bring in your dog so they can have a “date.”  That way there’s no surprises when you get home. We have a big fenced-in area next to the shelter where the dogs can interact.  We also ask that all the members that will live with the new dog come in to meet him.  We can put a 24 hour “hold” on your selected animal in order to accomplish this.

4.Renters will have their landlords called to verify that the animal selected will be allowed.  No sense getting a new pet only to be evicted!

5.Paperwork, Paperwork, Paperwork – please note that adoptions stop 1/2 hour before we close so we have ample time to go over all the information and answer your questions.

Adoption Fees

The adoption fee is $95.00 for cats and adult dogs (an additional $95.00 training deposit is required for all puppies up to 1 year old and certain dogs with known behavior issues).


Adopted animals receive the following services before they reach their new home:


•FVRCP vaccine
•Rabies (if over 4 months old)
•Feline leukemia/FIV testing
•Spaying or neutering
•Safety collar
•Cat carrier
•Free health exam
•Free bag of food


•DHPP vaccine
•Bordatella vaccine (kennel cough)
•Rabies (if over 4 months old)
•Heartworm test
•Spaying or neutering
•Collar and leash
•Free health exam
•Free bag of food

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