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Phone:(408) 876-6221

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  • If you see an animal of interest on our STAR website or through a pet search website like Petfinder or Adopt A Pet, contact the STAR representative at the email address (or phone number if provided) listed in the ad.
  • The STAR rep will arrange private appointments to meet with you or will direct you to the next pet fair they will be holding. Our animals live with the foster family. We do not have a shelter or storefront for drop-in visiting hours so meeting places vary.
  • At the appointment there will be an informal interview to determine compatibility. If pet and home are right for each other, you may go home with your new family member that day.

We are animal rescue volunteers with long experience in placing animals in permanent homes. We work with local veterinarians to offer low cost care to other rescues and the public, promote responsible pet care, and work with local shelters to rescue animals they cannot place. We started our rescue in particular to take in older and special needs animals who may otherwise face euthanasia.

Adoption Fees

  • There is an adoption contract and a fee (which varies by animal).
  • Cost - Most cats are $95. Dog adoption fees generally range from $200-$500 for dogs based on desirability/adoptability (hypoallergenic, popularity of breed, etc.). Most dogs are $350.
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