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Who We Are

 WKODIT (What Kind of Dog is That?!) is a rescue focusing on mixed breed dogs whose time has run out at kill-shelters. We strive to provide our foster pups with a home environment during their stay with us. They receive necessary vet care and lots of attention. We are currently a small rescue located in the S.F. Bay Area (though our size is only limited by the number of foster homes we have!). We are a member of the Rescue Alliance for Hairless and Other Breeds, Inc. a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

We are an all volunteer, home based rescue focusing on mature med to lrg. mixed breed dogs...we do it because we love dogs and don't want them euthanized in the shelters.

Adoption Fees

Adopting a friend

To adopt a dog from WKODIT, you should e-mail or call us and let us know which dog you're interested in as well as some information about yourself and the home you could provide. We will e-mail you our adoption application and if you seem like a good match we will arrange an "interview" with the dog you are interested in. If you both like each other and you wish to adopt or arrange a sleepover, we will deliver the pup to you so we can make sure the pup and your home are a good match as well. You must sign an adoption agreement and pay an adoption fee, which is generally $200.00 but may vary depending on the dog's expenses. We do support "sleepovers" to allow both parties to confirm that they are the one.


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Medium to large mixed breeds.

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