Nellie D2617

Nellie D2617

Listed December 02, 2014

Age: 5 yrs.

Gender: Female

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes


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Chihuahua / Spaniel / Mixed

Special Needs

Nellie was rescued on from a shelter where she was scared in her cage and was there for weeks. Once out she is timid but friendly and sweet. Good with other dogs and plays. She hates the crate/cage (who can blame her) and will whine/bark when she sees you but will settle. She sniffed the vet office cat and seem to be timid of the cat. Most likely trainable. She loves to run and zoom around. Needs daily exercise and basic training. Update: She was adopted in 2009 but now needs a new home. She is now returning since current home cannot care or train her. She needs an experienced home and prefer someone home more. So we need a experienced foster home with someone around more to watch and truly guide her.

Adoption Fee Details

Placing our home fostered rescue dogs and cats as a true happy family member for life, is our most important and rewarding mission. We look for a match based on the animal's activity level, training needs, care, personality and behavior traits.

Teen-Adult Dogs (8 months - 6 years old): $325 (Mix), $350-$400 (Purebred), Chihuahua/mix & Pit/mix: $200 or please help match vet bill cost to FFR (usually about $350 - $700)

Golden Dogs
Dogs (7 yrs+): $200, Chihuahua/mix & Pit/mix: $100 or please help match vet bill cost to FFR (usually about $350 - $1500)

Puppies (8 weeks - 7 months): $350 (Mix), $400 (Purebred), Chihuahua/mix & Pit/mix.: $250 + $100 refundable deposit for spay/neuter and completion of puppy training classes (refunded upon proof of completion).

Cats & Kittens
Kittens: $150, Pairs: $275 or please help match vet bill cost to FFR (usually about $170 - $450 each)
Cat: $90 or please match vet bill cost to FFR (usually about $150+)
Adult 3 years+ : $50 adoption fee
Senior for Senior: Cat 7 yrs+ to seniors (65 yrs+), adoption fee waived.

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