It is not an easy thing for any cat to find himself in an overcrowded municipal shelter. Now think of the odds of a blind cat making it through the system. A young blind tuxedo started his journey without a name, without a future, overwhelmed by the smells and sounds of a busy place filled with unfamiliar animals. It could have been a sad story and a short life, but destiny was preparing the biggest gift for this cat – the gift of life! The blind tuxedo was noticed and saved!
We named him - Chance – because we strongly believe that everybody deserves a chance. We can only imagine how hard it was for Chance to navigate the streets looking for food and trying to avoid danger. But all these frightening times are nothing but distant memories now. This silly and playful boy is enjoying his indoor life and regular meals. He will happily circle his room when he hears his caretakers to come in, bumping into the furniture and purring loudly. So what If he doesn’t have great coordination – who’s perfect?! They say love is blind; Chance knows this quite well. If he could talk he most definitely would say to us: thank you for taking a chance on me!