Mimi Mimi Mimi


Listed September 27, 2013

Age: 5 yrs.

Gender: Female

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size:

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes

Breed:Poodle "Toy"

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Poodle "Toy" "long coat"

Special Needs

Mimi is about 3 or 4 years old. She ended up at a shelter with her 1 week old pups in July. Other rescues were turning her down because of several reasons. One is that she was abused big time and she is literally afraid of her own shadow and the other is because she has Luxating Patella. I am not sure of what grade it is, as far as if it should be fixed. She has been with me for 3 months and runs around and plays with absolutely no pain at all. So I have chosen not to get it fixed. In the 3 months of her being here with me, she has fallen in love with me, so I know she could fall in love with someone else. She is extremely protective of me and will bite an intruder to protect me. She needs the most perfect home, with no kids. Someone who will win her trust and give her time to settle in. Someone who will spend the majority of their days with her. She will sleep with you in your bed and she will also stay in a crate all night without pottying in it. She will totally back down with a more dominant dog. She plays and gets along with a lot of other dogs of all sizes. If you think you can be the home and new mommy or daddy to her, call Marilyn at 209-956-3004 for a phone interview.

You must be at least 25 years old to adopt a puppy from this organization. Pups Rescue's adoption fees range from $200-$300. There are always certain pups here, that the fee is very negotiable, so don't hesitate to ask which pups they are. Please leave a message, as all calls are screened. This is a residence, please do not call after 9:00 P.M.

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Pups Rescue

Adoption Fee Details

Pups Rescue's adoption fees range from $200-$300. There are always certain pups here, that the fee is very negotiable, so please don't hesitate to ask which pups they are.

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