Buddy Buddy Buddy


Listed May 21, 2012

Age: 2 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 11-25 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes

Breed:Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler

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Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler / Shepherd "short coat"

Special Needs

Please contact Vicky (contact@ahan.org) for more information about this pet.

Buddy : A 4 year-old neutered male ,weighing 19kg / 41.8 lb

The first time I saw Buddy, he was hiding under a car. I assumed that he had a home as I only saw him outside sometimes. But I started to see him all the time on the street and realized that he must be a stray.  Because of the color of his fur, I thought that Buddy was a senior dog. He looked elderly to me, and so, so tired. I fed him every time I saw him and felt so bad for him as the weather got colder and colder. It was so sad to see him out there fending for himself, all alone. It was so bad for his health and spirit that I decided to save him from such a poor existence.

Buddy didn’t want to get in my car at first, but surprisingly, he didn’t resist at all, he just let me hold him gently and put him in my car. He seemed so relieved in a way. I couldn’t imagine how a sweetheart like Buddy was going to survive cruel world of unfortunate strays, so I was so happy to help him.

The vet thinks Buddy was actually only about 4 years old. As I had thought he was old, I had planned to let him live out his twilight years with me and hadn’t planned on finding him a home.  As I know he is young, I have to find him the great home he deserves to live out his life.

His foster dad told me that when Buddy first arrived at his house, he slept a lot and was very quiet. After a few days, his foster dad was surprised to find out that Buddy knows basic commands such as ‘sit’, ‘shake hand’ and knows how to catch as well. Buddy, he also told me, just loves cuddles and is so sweet-natured.

He also loves treats. He gets so happy when he sees treats! Buddy is okay around strangers. Before Buddy was neutered, he didn’t really like one of the unneutered dogs in the house, and they would have to be in separate rooms as Buddy was cautious. He wanted to sniff the dog when he ran into him, but wasn’t aggressive. So it was just a protective move at nighttimes.

Buddy protects his food, but not over-zealously, as is common with most ex-street dogs. He only goes to potty when out for a walk or on the patio where he is, which is allowed,  Buddy is a mellow boy, but can get agitated if another dog bothers him when he wants to be alone for quiet time.

Overall, he is such a sweetheart that responds to tender loving care so well, and will give back as much love as is given to him.

I feel sad that he can’t be with me, but know that there is a wonderful new family out there somewhere for this dear dog.

Please go to www.ahan.org, on Buddy. Click apply, it will link to our online application.

Follwoing are some video of Buddy.

Take a walk


With the children


With strangers


With other dogs





 1、Low;, medium or high energy: Energetic and playful

2、a;lpha; or submissive: Submissive. Buddy is affectionate, he likes to play with female dogs

3、d;oes; the dog gets along with other dogs: Friendly with dogs, There is only one incident that Buddy barks when an unneutered male dogs approached him at foster home. They are separated since then.

4、d;oes; the dog gets along with cats :  Not with the family owns cats , he barks when he sees cats

5、Is; the dog good with children: Friendly with children, however he will sometimes jump on them because of excitement.

6、Is; the dog good with strangers? friendly around strangers

7、housetrained; or not? He goes potty on the patio in the foster home or on the walks.  

8、good; walk on leash or not? He pulls at first then calms down gradually and walks good on his  leash   

9、ba;rk; a lot or seldom ? seldom barks ,however will whine a little bit for attention

10、a;ny; basic training?  sit’, ‘shake hand’ and knows how to catch as well

11、Is; the dog afraid of man? Friendly

12、D;oes; it like to chew or bark a lot when left along? No. he is fine to be alone in the house. Buddy enjoys to be petted when he sees people around and loves the attentions from people just like the little kid. Sometimes he makes tiny little whining to remind you he is there.

13、How; is the dog with new environment? It will be ideal that the new owners can spend more time with Buddy the first week in the house. Buddy is eager to have some human companions especially during his adjustment period to new environment.

14、D;oes; the dog have food aggression with other dogs? Buddy will eat all his food with gusto, but   when he is finished he may try to eat the food of another dogs. However, if Buddy is told to move away, he will obediently do so without any problems.

 If other dogs approach his food, Buddy will try to finish his food as soon as he could without showing any food aggression signs.

15、F;ood; aggression with people (is it ok when people touch his food when the dog is eating) ?

     Friendly with people, he allows you to take the bowl from him during meal time.

16、Has; the dog ever bitten anyone? no

 Please go to www.ahan.org, on Buddy. Click apply, it will link to our online application.

Buddy is very cuddly; he craves for attention from people by make low-pitched sound. He has never been loved and cared by anyone before he was foster by the current family. Due to his stray experience, he cherishes and enjoys very much the attention and the love the foster family gives him. He doesn’t need to worry about attacking by other big dogs or fighting for the food from garbage cans. Buddy will just have to feel secured and protected by the new family to make sure he is not going to be abandoned again. We encourage new owners to spend more time with him for the first week to help him adjust the new environment better. Once Buddy feels he is safe with you, he will be a wonderful companion and love you forever.

Take a walk


 Please go to www.ahan.org, on Buddy. Click apply, it will link to our online application.

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