Listed May 27, 2016

Age: 1 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 11-25 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes


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Shepherd / Mountain Dog / Mixed "short coat"

Special Needs

Beautiful, blind puppy looking for forever home!

Surry, neutered male, 6 months old, 32Lbs.

Surry was either abandoned very young or accidentally left motherless in the wild; with him there were three other siblings. He was the only male. All puppies, about 2.5 months old, were in extremely poor health condition, especially blind Surry, who had badly suffered from malnutrition that he got very thin hair. Months passed, Surry grew up strong and healthy, his body is covered with lovely wavy velvet brown hair, but he was defensive and friendless. Having difficulty to differentiate malice or goodwill while other puppies charging on him, Surry started to bluff and bluster by barking aloud to show his suspicions. The blind puppy shows great affection to his human but not to other puppies. He was always standing aside, 'hearing” others play.

Everything has changed, however, since the day the 'Beauty' and the 'Beast' met each other. At first, they avoided each other: Surry by growling and chasing, and Scarlett by sheltering herself in a crate. For many days, I had been trying to crate training Scarlett but in vain, nonetheless, Surry helped to accomplish it within ten minutes. When Scarlett came out of her crate and offered her favorite toy, a teddy bear, to Surry and invited him to play with her, I was totally overwhelmed by their new friendship. Since that day, they have become best friends. The beautiful girl leads her blind friend to explore everywhere in the house; while Surry , the grumpy boy follows his new friend searching high and low by smelling and tracing her position for guidance. So fortunate they have each other for companies! Inspired, I then pair them as 'Beauty and the Beast', hoping their friendship can last as long as possible!

(Scarlett’s page-
Please Story first, at the end of the story, answer the following questions:
Alpha___ V ____ or submissive ___ ____
Energy level very high_____high__ __medium__ V ___low____ 
Does the dog get along with other dogs at home?___YES___in a public place?___YES___
Is the dog Skittish (afraid sudden noise and movement, will try to get out of collar when scared) __NO___
Shy dog is just shy, not afraid of noise or sudden movement, will warm up faster than skittish dog__YES___ 
Is the dog people friendly__YES_, children friendly_YES__,
Does the dog bark continuously when left along? __NO____chew a lot___NO___
does the dog gets along with cats ?___N/A_____ 
housetrained or not?____YES____outside___YES___or newspaper______
good walk on leash or not?___YES____any basic training? ____SIT_____
Is the dog afraid of man?____NO_____ 
How is the dog with new environment?__ NEEDS ONE WEEK TO ADAPT NEW ENVIRONMENT_____
Does the dog have food aggression with other dogs?¬¬____NO___ 
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating?____YES___
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? _____NO_____
Are there any red flags we should know?__________
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