Phoenix Phoenix


Listed July 24, 2017

Age: 5 yrs.

Gender: Female

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 11-25 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes

Breed:Siberian Husky

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Siberian Husky (short coat)

Special Needs

Please note we do NOT adopt to homes with small animals including small dogs. No Exceptions. 

Also Norsled does not adopt outside the Northern California/ Central California area. 

Siberian Husky

Phoenix came into rescue in October 2016.  She was found in the country, malnourished and suffering from mange and worms.  Passer-byes witnessed her in the exact same spot curled up.  No food or water.  She was too weak to walk.  Someone posted her on Facebook and after numerous “someone should help”, “I’ll pray for her”, “wish I could help” comments, someone finally got the exact address of where she was and reported it to animal services.  She was picked up and held for 3 days.  Norsled picked her up the day she was to be put down. 

Her worms, mange and malnourishment were easily treated.  It is her psychological damage that has taken some time to heal.  This is why she wasn’t put up for adoption after healing physically.  She shivered at human touch for months.  She had to be caught each time she was approached.  She never once showed aggression of any kind.  Once cornered, she cowered down and submitted. 

After several months of being in the yard, her foster was finally able to bring her into the house and potty train her.  She’s potty trained if she is taken out for bathroom breaks.  She’s still afraid to let you know she needs to go.  She does try to hold it though. 

She is great with other dogs.  Prefers small Chihuahua type dogs.  She allows the small dog to get the better of her.  She will lay down and let the small dog play attack dog on her neck.  It looks like a massage.  Haha  She fears bigger dogs.  If they’re too rough she will cower down.  She will fight back if they attack. 

The foster’s dog attacked her yesterday.  Even though she was losing, Phoenix put up a good fight.  Of course this fight lasted 30 seconds because foster threw herself in the middle.  

Phoenix’s foster sister Ciri can be a brat and sometimes takes cheap shots on Phoenix.  Phoenix either drops to the floor or sprints away to avoid Ciri.  So Phoenix can tell the difference between an annoying dog and a threatening dog. 

Phoenix absolutely loves her foster family, including children.  Of course the children are trained to be good to the dogs.  Even though Phoenix is in love with her family, she still has a level of fear.  If her foster mom raises her voice at the kids or raises her hand in a quick motion…Phoenix will drop or run.  You can see the fear in her eyes.  So confused. 

She sleeps at the foot of the bed.  She will curl up and try not to take too much room.  Once foster dad leaves for work, she will snag his side and stretch out. 

She will bark at the pool guy and at the fence if she hears commotion from the other side.  Her barking is not loud and it is sporadic like woof…woof…………..woof…………woof, woof, woof……………..woof.  She does say a few choice words to foster mom when foster mom is gone too long.  It sounds like a child arguing back.

She has some separation anxiety still.  Not nearly as bad as the beginning though.  We’ve lost a remote, ipad, and a few toys.  I blame us for leaving them down.  She’s much better if she’s left in the living room while we’re gone.  If she’s left in a bedroom, especially alone without other dogs, she will dig at the carpet at the door and destroy anything in her reach.  Then yell at foster family when we return. 

Zero food aggression.  In fact, she will just not eat if others are eating.  She will let others eat all her food too.  So we have to make sure she gets her food. 

Follows her family around the house.  She doesn’t get in the way, but loves to be in the same room with her family and will get up to follow. 

She ran out the front door once.  It took an hour of chasing across a busy road and nearly getting hit several times to get her cornered.  She did try to bite that one time.  But her fear and bite were understandable given the whole ordeal.  She hasn’t tried again. 

She only goes outside to potty.  We’ve made no attempts to take her for walks.  She’s content with living inside forever. 

Extremely gentle with people.  Rarely jumps on foster mom.  When she does, it’s super soft like feathers.  If she kisses, it’s weak and gentle licks.

She can jump straight up from the floor to the top of the captain’s bed.  (twice as high as a normal bed), but makes no attempt to jump a fence. 

Phoenix would do great with a retired couple that aren’t in a rush.  She is content with sharing a bed and couch with a couple head rubs.  Low maintenance dog.  She would not do good with busy family working all day and very active at home getting things done at night.  Prefer home with small dogs or one gentle big dog.  

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