Pal Cutest Pup There Is Pal Cutest Pup There Is Pal Cutest Pup There Is

Pal Cutest Pup There Is

Listed March 13, 2017

Age: 1 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 26-60 lbs.

Fixed: No

Shots: Yes

Breed:Belgian Shepherd Malinois

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Belgian Shepherd Malinois / Mixed "short coat"

Special Needs

Please contact Nikky ( for more information about this pet.

Located in Redding CA

see detailed adoption process at

apply fast this boy won't last long
looking for breed experienced folks

Pal is 4 months old and a big boy maybe 25 tallish slim pounds will be a very large dog most likely in the 70-75 pound range he has tiny teeth yet so lots of growing to do
already knows about protection doing what shepherds do not aggressive but ready to have a leader and learn much
knows sit is crate trained
already ok on leash with harness
ok traveling
does some excitement peeing now and then
will grow out of it with a little guidance
LOVES to speak to you
please only apply if you love a dog that speaks as this comes natural to him

only apply if you are ready to teach him
beautiful color and black mask
grew up with kids and other dogs
ready for his forever family
stable home owners over the age of 28 years
fenced yard
someone must be home during the day
if kids prefer over 10 years old enough to play but not poke eyes etc
be ready for lots of work
(he is a pup has some work on training already loves to jump up when excited
so if you have kids you must teach him and them how to correctly handle jumping
he is a pup and super smart
very food motivated)
from puppy proofing home and yard
to cleaning potty accidents (he's doing great for his age)
to obedience training
to socializing
Pal is looking for a awesome family that make him part of everything
Pal LOVES treats very easily trained
supersmart wants to please
loves to explore nature
chew on sticks
loves his kong toys and plush toys
does'nt chew them up​​​​​​
loves to play fetch can easily learn how to bring it back​
young and smart enough to learn many new things
he sleeps​​
he sleeps through the night in crate
until fully house trained then no more crate needed
Pal has always been very loved and cared for
never in a pound
currently with his owners
they love him but do not have the time he needs
so best to get him into a home where he gets all he needs and wants
he lives with 3 kids from age 2 to 10
he does just fine but as all pups jumps up wanting to play etc
so if you have kids be prepared to train Pal and your kids how to handle a jumping puppy
we are only looking to place him in a home with a nice child or two over the age of 10 years
a bit younger if you are very dog experienced and know what it means to be a good leader and teacher to a pup
no toddlers please
no apartments
big fenced yard
if acerage looking to have a secure fenced in area/yard​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ until old enough and trained to roam a large acerage
for his own saftey​

adopter leaves a refundable neuter deposit check

adoption fee, references, fenced yard, pics of home


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