Listed October 25, 2017

Age: 5 yrs.

Gender: Female

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: No

Breed:Shih Tzu

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Shih Tzu "long coat"

Special Needs

Kiki is a sweet little girl small and timid that needs a safe adult home.

. Her hair is silky and tangles very easily and her eyes need to be cleaned often. She does not do well on stairs or jumping on furniture. she is some what out of proportion with her back legs being higher than her front and can loose her balance  at times.. In spite of her tiny size she is high maintenance and can only be adopted by someone who can commit to HER needs. This little dog has had 3 homes already and the transitions are hard on her..  She will require trips to the groomers and dental maintenance, as do all tiny none shedding dogs.

She is fine with other dogs, but not a great playmate. she is not a great walker and will never complete a hike. She prefers to driven or carried to her destination...

Please include some information about your experience and the home that you can provide for Kiki


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