Listed November 14, 2017

Age: 10 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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My name is Patterick and I`m a hybrid lilac crown amazon. That`s why I have the beautiful lilac color above my eyes and the bright red on the top of my head. I escaped from someone and flew over to Patrick Park. I was caught and taken to an animal shelter. After several days, the shelter contacted Mickaboo . A nice volunteer picked me up and fostered me even though she knew nothing about Amazons and what we are like. She does her best and as you can see, I`m in good form and ready to go.

I eat pellets and veggies and do get occasional treats like a strawberry. It`s much better than trying to find food on your own after you`ve had it delivered to you and someone washes your dishes for you.

Yes, I have quite the life, however, that doesn`t stop me from trying to tell the world about it. I do know how to let everyone know where I am and how good I have it here.

Before I moved in, my foster parents thought their Amazon was the most beautiful bird. Well, ha, that was until they saw me! I`m drop dead gorgeous, if I do say so myself. My feathers are brightly colored and shimmer in the sun. I went to the vet and had an exam with a nail and wing trim.

The vet thinks I`m young, probably less than 10 years old. I only weigh 349 grams, a healthy weight for me, so I`m a little guy. I am smaller than both of the African Greys in my foster home.

Did you notice that I used the term guy? I`m a boy (my previous foster mom had me DNA tested). I am a really good flyer which might get me into trouble so my people need to pay extra attention to keep me safe. I absolutely love to play with my toys. Humans say that I`m as entertaining as watching American Ninja Warrior on television, whatever that means. I guess they mean that I am truly an athlete.

I am well-adjusted and perched in my travel cage in the veterinary waiting room just looking around at the dogs and people while I enjoyed chowing down on my Lafeber avi-cake. When we left the exam room, I said "bye" in a very low voice, surprising everyone. My foster mom heard me say I love you in a very high voice but I haven`t done it again because I like to keep my humans guessing. I do enjoy whistling regularly.

I don`t understand this step-up game but I let my foster mom scoop me up with her hands from the dining room table when I flew down there and I didn`t even bite her. I can nip but I`m really slow moving with my beak because I like to give humans plenty of time to react appropriately. I haven`t even nipped my foster dad and believe me, the rest of the flock here have bitten him hard. I like people and I am very interested, alert, and engaged in everything going on in my foster home.

I love head scritches and will bow my head for you. I let my foster parents sleep late, even when I`m uncovered and near a window with the blinds open and light coming in. As long as there isn`t any activity going on inside the house in the morning, I stay quiet. At nighttime, when my foster mom is covering the other birds, I get super excited and use my high-pitched jungle voice. My foster mom is working on ways to help me control my excitement. I am afraid of thick cage covers and having a stick presented to me for stepping up. I will step up on the stick after some cajoling but be prepared to hear my very loud jungle voice. I eat my Zupreem natural pellets and fruits and vegetables. I am a very healthy eater, I`m not one of those junk food addicts! Oh yeah, I should mention that I like my spray bottle baths.

If you are looking for a young, very sweet, trainable amazon, you might just want to meet me! If you think you might be that person and you want to meet me, please contact my adoption coordinator. I can`t wait to meet you!

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