Listed November 14, 2017

Age: 20 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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Hi! I`m Taco,an absolutely adorable, entertaining, energetic, curious, very affectionate, and willful 20 year-old caique.

I like a lot of attention and play time with my human. I love to shoulder surf with my foster dad, and I love to watch what`s going on. My foster dad can even vacuum with me on his shoulder. I like to be scratched on my head and under my chin. In return, I groom my foster dad. I am an one-person only bird and am jealous of my foster mom and other birds. Everything interests me, including what`s under the sofa, what`s under the counter, and whatever I can`t see readily, like nooks and crannies. I love to investigate on my foster dad`s desk while he is working. Everything he is eating or drinking, I want to share. "Very affectionate" is how my foster dad describes me. He turns me over, upside down in his hand and playss with me, I spread myself out on his belly while he pets me, and I cuddle, as close as I can, to his neck, chest, or in his lap. I like to lean against him while I groom myself.

You can`t tell me what to do but you can sure ask, or bribe me. I am very trainable in that I am eager to work for snacks, and then, the target behavior becomes habit. I love to eat: Banana chips, carrots, fruit, and nuts are some of my favorites. I eat Harrison`s Pepper food. I will generally step up on the first try, unless I suspect you are going to put me back in my cage, and then a snack will persuade me. If that doesn`t work, my foster dad steps out of the room for a couple of seconds, and then I will step up a second time. Although it might take me awhile to warm up to you, if I like you, I may love you.

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