Toby Toby Toby


Listed November 25, 2017

Age: 5 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 11-25 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes

Breed:Flat-coated Retriever

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Flat-coated Retriever / Chow Chow / Mixed

Special Needs

Meet Moderate Toby
Toby, Neutered male, 3 years old, 55 Lbs.

We have been doing rescue for years, sometimes going to a high-kill shelter and/ or pick up strays that need help. It was a coincident to meet Toby. After a long day rescue in Southern part of Taiwan, everyone was hungry and exhausted. We went to a mobile market for late meal. During the meal, we saw a very skinny, smelly but extremely friendly dog begging for food from table to table. Most customers were unfriendly to the dog and even tried to kick him or bullied him away. Amazingly, this skinny dog didn’t show any aggression but kept coming back asking for leftover with a dashing smile. My partner and I felt so sorry for him but couldn’t take him away at that moment. Our vehicles were packed with rescued dogs. There wasn’t any space to add one more. So we talked to a restaurant owner, left the phone number with him asking him to call if he spotted this poor doggie in next round. Few days later, we got a call from the restaurant owner. Despite it was a long distance from our place to the spot, we drove all the way to check if the dog was still there to be rescued. I guessed he must be too hungry. When we arrived late, he was still there, very weak but still carrying a smile begging food from one to another. We walked slowly to him and gave him a pile of fresh food. He was so happy to wolf down everything. And this time, we took him home and named him “Toby”.

Toby was a super friendly and sweet young male dog. In fact, we also rescued his sister, too. He was so nice that went to the market searching food to share with his sister. After given them a nice bath, they both were taken to an animal hospital for all necessary medical care and vaccines. We placed Toby with a dog trainer to foster. He learned and adapted commends nicely. However, we suspected that he may have some join issues. After giving him a thorough Bilateral Hip Join Assessment, our concern was proved. Toby has hip join problem. Fortunately, this hip join issue was not too serious to affect his quality life. We followed Vet’s recommendation to give him necessary supplements. He is doing great and doesn’t need any MED treatment.

Toby is a low energy but affectionate doggie. He is socialized, well behaved, calm and quiet at all time. What he likes is being with people and cuddles. When he stays home, he mostly remains moderate to accompany you quietly. When he walks out, he walks well on leash and happy to go anywhere you take him. If there are friendly dogs coming near him. He makes friend politely but shows not much interests to move forward. Toby is truly a family dog that asking not much but a safe home to stay. If you like to have a mature, moderate and affectionate best friend, please visit to view more “Toby’s” videos, click “APPLY” to fill out online application.

The dog is:  Submissive.
Energy level:  Low energy.
The dog is:  Moderate and affectionate.
Is the dog friendly with:  People Y,  Children Y,  Dogs Y,   Cats N
Is the dog good and patient with young children?  Yes.
Is the dog housetrained?  Outside.  
Is the dog food motivated?   Yes
Does the dog get along well with other dogs at home? Y, In public place? Y
Does the dog bark continuously when left alone?   No.
Does the dog chew?  No.
Does the dog get along well with cats?  No, will chase.
Does the dog walk well on leash?  Yes.
Does the dog have food aggression to other dogs?  No.
Does the dog have food aggression to people?  No.
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating?  Yes
Is the dog afraid of man?  No.
Has the dog ever bitten anyone?  No
Does the dog have up to date vaccines and rabies shot?  Yes
Is the dog microchipped?  Yes
Is there any part of the body the dog doesn’t like to be touched?  No.
How is the dog with new environment?  Adjust well.
Does the dog know any command?  Sit before getting food.
Is there anything the dog doesn’t like or afraid of?  No.
Are there any red flags we should know?  Got hip joint issues, need weight control.

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Moderate Toby’s Album
Please visit to view more “Toby” videos, click “APPLY” to fill out online application.

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