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Listed November 29, 2017

Age: 7 yrs.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size:

Fixed: Yes

Shots: No


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Siamese / Domestic Short Hair / Mixed (short coat)

Special Needs

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I raised my Babies since Birth, There all Healthy, Except for Mini's cold. They have not been updated on their shots, All the Cats are Siamese & Tiger. All the cats were raised around friendly family dogs, All the cats were born on March 15, 2005. All the girls were fixed at 3 months old and all the males were fixed at 4 months old, All were given their Vaccinations. And Rabies shots. All the cats were Raised indoors, They have never been outside. Their pads are soft and smooth.
Gig gigs was prego at 3 months old and they did an abortion, they took more of her stomach then needed. Now every time she eats she throws up a little amount of food.  
Whispers is the tiger striped kitty male, He likes to reach out with his paws and kind of paw at you for attention. He occasionally nips as well, A habit I have been trying to break him of.  Gig gig 's counterpart.
Gig Gigs is skinny, Gig gigs sleeps with/next to Whispers 90% of the time, they both are jumpers and both enjoy high places. they both explore high places in a room.
Kandy Kane male is a big lap kitty He's slightly crossed eyed and has 6 toes on his front feet. He doesn't like heights.
Then there's Mini Mause female (German spelling for Mouse). Mini Mause is a fluff ball of thick fur, She has a cold because of this house right now, I can only keep my room warm the rest of the house is the same temp as the outside air. She likes to snuggle under the covers in the winter with me, she doesn't really kiss as she nudges with her nose, she occasionally likes her belly rubbed doesn't like to be held very much for me as a guy she might like a female.
Also included is a picture showing a comparison of the size of Mini versus her Brother Kandy Kane.
Also pictured is Baby gurl female. Baby Gurl is the alpha female of the pack. Her eyes change from blue (Good Mood) to green (Bad Mood) depending on her mood. a true Siamese kitty, she likes to be held occasionally while I'm cooking and sometimes likes to climb up on my shoulders.
They all give kisses, But gig gigs gives the most.
Gig gigs and Mini Mause and Kandy Kane and whispers have been given baths in the past Gig gigs is alright with it, Mini is ehh ok with it, Kandy Kane hates baths, Whispers refuses to take a bath nowadays and Baby gurl was given a bath at an early age and I learned not to give her baths anymore.
Thank you for the help.

Adoption Fee Details

All pets are examined by a Veterinarian to determine overall health and any issues particular to that pet are treated.  In addition, the following treatments are given as standard to all pets:

Adopting a Cat
Fee = $70, includes: 
FIV/FeLV testing
FVRCP & Rabies Vaccines
Worming/flea treatments if necessary
Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Adoption Kit

Adopting a Dog
Fee = $150 minimum, includes
Heartworm testing and preventative
DHPP & Rabies Vaccines
Worming/flea treatment if necessary
Pro Plan Rally to Rescue Adoption Kit

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