April and Lyon

April and Lyon

Listed December 03, 2017

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

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Hi, we are April and Lyon, a pair of Conures from the famous "Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" flock in San Francisco. We are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together. We`re going to tell you about each of our stories before we met each other and fell in LOVE!

Hi, it`s me, April. Mickaboo took me in during the month of April (thus the name) when I was found with a bad head injury. It`s healed now, but it looks like the scarring will keep most of my feathers from growing back. But hey, my foster mom thinks it makes me look chic in a punk sort of way. And, I have this one feather that`s peeking out from the top. Kinda cool. It`s also earned me the nickname "Little Sunroof". Despite the super punk look, I`m now relatively healthy, though a bit of a special needs bird.

I have some issues with my feet from an old injury or neurological problems. But ya know, my mom thinks I look adorable getting from one place to another. I am very persistent! AND, she put some low comfy perches in my specially-designed cage because she knew how much I missed perching. And, to make her happy, I began perching on them almost immediately.

I`m still a little ... uh, shy of those great big humans, but they are giving me all kinds of delicious food: pellets, veggies, and oh, my favorite BLUEBERRIES. And some banana, and HOT peppers. How do they know what I like?! They must be really tuned in.

Then, after a few months, I met LYON, my best friend! Take it over Lyon! Tell your story.

Hi, I`m Lyon. I was found as an adult in the SF flock, not doing so well, when Mickaboo rescued me. I was treated at the vet and then went to live in a great foster home.

At my foster home, after months of living under a cotton diaper, I weakly tottered my way to the edge of the cage door while my human held her breath. I stood for a few minutes wavering, then dove right back into my blankie. I needed to find my own way to wellness. Slowly, I came out and began a new life enjoying myself as a member of the family. More and more I came out to talk to her, making those happy Conure-y, crunchy sounds. I would vocalize, vigorously flap my wings and then fall gently to the floor; then, climb up my stick and flap my wings some more!! She would put an apple into my dish each morning, and I would go get it in a blur of brilliant green and red. She called me the Christmas Cookie Monster!!

Sometimes I take long, big, sloppy baths, and enjoy getting a morning spritz. I love to chow down on my pellets and I like tearing up the whole leaf of whatever greens my family is eating. I will even take a sunflower seed directly from my human`s hand (AMAZING!!!)

After being a single bird for several years, I went to a new home and met April. Wow, my whole life changed. I adore her and we are "tight", hanging out all day and playing with toys, and at night we put ourselves to bed in the corner where our night-time blankie is. If you are interested in learning more about us or coming to meet us, just let the Telegraph Hill Conure coordinator know.

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