Listed December 03, 2017

Age: 6 mos.

Gender: Female

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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This baby finch was born the last half of July 2017. It was brought to us because the previous owner said that her zebra finches hatched this baby but then abandoned it. Here at Mickaboo the finch has been hand fed several times a day and kept warm. It will be friendlier than the average zebra finch. However, finches don`t really like cuddle time, and they prefer the company of other finches of their kind.

Her feathers are in and she is eating food on her own. When her foster opens her cage, Smidget flies out and lands on her. Bee-bee-bee is her cute little call. She is a rare tame finch, but still should live with another zebra finch since finches are happier and feel safer when they are with others of their kind.

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