Mickey Best Dog You Ever Gonna Find Mickey Best Dog You Ever Gonna Find Mickey Best Dog You Ever Gonna Find

Mickey Best Dog You Ever Gonna Find

Listed January 18, 2018

Age: 5 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 11-25 lbs.

Fixed: No

Shots: Yes


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Boxer / Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler (medium coat)

Special Needs

Please contact Nikky (saveadog@wildblue.net) for more information about this pet.


located in Redding

approved adopter picks up there

apply at


see video on our site



Mickeys dad went into hospice with cancer he won't return home 

This cutest and friendliest little guy was with this same owner most of his life

he was always loved but hasn't had the best care lately so he's getting caught up today getting his shots etc

a exam as well as a very needed nail trim

Mickey weighs around 35-40 pounds and so unique looking

Mr. 2 tone, his head is almost all black while his body is mainly brownish with black tips

and a small white patch

and his personality shines he loves people

specially since his dad left and he was alone for a week in the home

with nice neighbors walking and caring for him daily until our rescue found out and got him into foster


breeds are best guess could be some pug in there as well


he's a huge love bug with a huge personality ready for a second chance in life

he grew up in a small Rv most of his life with a single older guy

 but we are looking for much more for him this time around

a fenced yard a must so he can enjoy that freedom of sunning himself

roaming his turf and sitting out there with you

someone home with tons of love to give

a stable home

has not lived with dogs but friendly with other dogs per Rv park owner and per neighbor


also with her cats but not looking to place him with cats or dogs but as a best companion to his human

that's what he was that's how we will keep it for his own sake


women are just a great to him as men as long as he gets love pets and food:)

hmmmm foooodddd he loves yummys


he has not gone for walks in a while (until a week ago) but loves to start slowly on a no pull harness

we took him for a short walk and he LOVES those


he has fun energy in bursts but then is mellow and of course on the couch next to you watching whatever

just being your side kick, hanging out


he loves food and will sit for his cookies

when you meet him you will fall in love with this cute unique looking goof ball

with his happy big smile and soulful eyes

In 17 years of rescue I have done

this is by far one of the best dogs I have met

he also appreciates the extras and the love and attention

We are looking for the best of best homes for Mickey

he deserves it all



adoption fee references, fenced yard someone home, pics of home

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