Starsky & Hutch Starsky & Hutch Starsky & Hutch

Starsky & Hutch

Listed January 20, 2018

Age: 7 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 26-60 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes

Breed:Labrador Retriever

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Labrador Retriever (short coat)

Special Needs

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Adoption Fees
Adult Dog (10 mos. – 7 years): $250.00 
Puppy (9 mos. and under): $350.00
Senior (8 yrs. and up)/Special Needs Dog: $100.00


Starsky and Hutch 
From the classic TV collection
Ages: 10 years old (approximate)
Chocolate males (bonded pair) 
You may remember us from our classic TV series now we're just retired dudes looking for a comfortable bed and a soft place to enjoy our golden years!  Our days as TV cops may be behind us, we don't have any interest in chasing bad guys or the mailman ... but we still have spunk and like to let off a good bark now and then when the door bell rings!  
We are very well-behaved, easy-going house dogs we would love to be adopted by someone that can be home with us most of the time as we prefer to have the company of a person around as much as possible.  
We are sweet senior dogs that need to be adopted together as we are brothers through and through.  Where one of us goes the other follows. 
Starsky and Hutch are a bonded pair, however we know little about their past, sadly they were surrendered to a shelter when their owner died and other family members chose not to take over care for these sweet boys. 
They arrived into Lab Rescue's care with dull dry coats, and a host of old dog ailments ... lumps, masses, arthritis, in need of dental care, joint care, better nutrition, skin and coat care.  These poor boys were in rough shape.  
LRRF spent the past two months giving them lots of love and time for rest, recuperation and to be nourished in mind, body and spirit.  Both dogs have undergone dental procedures, extensive senior canine blood testing and Starsky had a number of lumps removed to help make them healthier candidates for adoption.  They have been getting good nutrition which has also helped Hutch lose some much needed weight. 
These are two of the most practically perfect, well behaved house dogs - they get along with cats, kids, other dogs and of course love attention from people - they want nothing more than to sleep in a cozy bed (your bed would also be fine) or snuggle with you on the couch all the hours of the day.  
Completely house broken, these boys are super easy keepers.  They are so well behaved their foster parents trust them home alone indoors with their own pets - dogs and cats.  
They prefer being inside and become unhappy and stressed if they have to be outdoors - so a home where they can enjoy being indoors mostly would be ideal for these senior boys.  
Knowing that seniors can have a lot of health care needs they have a reduced adoption fee of $100 per dog and in full disclosure both dogs do have many common geriatric considerations and would benefit from continued joint care and high quality senior nutrition.  
Senior dogs are a treasure many overlook! If you would like to give these two a wonderful home for their twilight years please apply! They may be seniors but they still have spunk, lots of personality and plenty of life to live.  
To apply please visit 
We work to save Labradors of all ages, not just puppies and young dogs .... we invest in saving countless senior dogs that go on to enrich the lives of their adopters in special ways.  #SeniorDogsRule

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Adoption Fees
Adult Dog (10 mos. – 7 years): $250.00 
Puppy (9 mos. and under): $350.00
Senior (8 yrs. and up)/Special Needs Dog: $100.00


Adoption Fee Details

Our adoption prices are as follows:

Adult Dog, (10 months through 7 years) – $250.00

Second Dog – $150.00

Puppies, (9 months of age and under) – $350.00

Second Puppy – $350.00

Senior Dogs (8 years and up) – $100.00

Special Needs Dogs – $100.00