Nicole Nicole Nicole


Listed February 20, 2018

Age: 7 yrs.

Gender: Female

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes


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Special Needs

Meet Affectionate Nicole
Nicole, spayed female, 10 years old, 11 Lbs.

Hello There, I’m Nicole, Though I’m ten years old, I have six years old energy, five years old mobility and a pup’s sweetness. I love human and good with dogs. With cats, I am not quite interested to make friends but don’t mind if they are around. About nice years ago, I was born at a breeding farm. All my brothers and sisters were chubby and adorable except me. Very soon my brothers and sisters got sold out but left me alone with an ‘On Sale’ sign in a pet shop. I was tinny, skinny and very small with dull ugly look. Day after day, there wasn’t anyone wanted to get me. Just before the pet shop owner surrendered me back to the breeder. My rescuer, so was my foster daddy spotted me. He talked into the pet shop owner to purchase me out of the shop.

Under my foster daddy’s intensive care, few months later, I became a very beautiful and healthy Dachshund. There were many families applied to adopt me. And I got home with a nice couple. I thought I’d just live happily with my family forever. Unfortunately, nine years later, my human parents were facing difficult private matters that couldn’t keep me any longer. They called my foster daddy to ask for help. Without hesitation, my foster daddy took me in and offered me a warm shelter to stay. Though I am happy being with many foster siblings again. But in my mind, I still wish to have a home to call my own. I’m very affectionate, gentle and lively. If you don’t mind my age and truly like to have a well behaved little sidekick to cuddle on the couch, please visit to view more “Nicole’s” videos, click “APPLY” to fill out online application to take me home.

The dog is: submissive.
Energy level: Medium energy.
The dog is: sweet and affectionate.
Is the dog friendly with: People Y, Children Y, Dogs Y, Cats Y
Is the dog good and patient with young children? Yes.
Is the dog housetrained? Outside; Inside: in training.
Is the dog food motivated? Yes
Does the dog get along well with other dogs at home? Yes. In public place? Yes.
Does the dog bark continuously when left alone? No.
Does the dog chew? No.
Does the dog get along well with cats? No aggression.
Does the dog walk well on leash? Yes.
Does the dog have food aggression to other dogs? No.
Does the dog have food aggression to people? No.
Can people touch the food in the bowl while the dog is eating? Yes.
Is the dog afraid of man? No.
Has the dog ever bitten anyone? No.
Does the dog have up to date vaccines and rabies shot? Yes
Is the dog microchipped? Yes
Is there any part of the body the dog doesn’t like to be touched? No.
How is the dog with new environment? Adjust well.
Does the dog know any command? In training.
Is there anything the dog doesn’t like or afraid of? No.
Are there any red flags we should know? No.

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Please visit to view more “Nicole’s” videos, click “APPLY” to fill out online application.

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