Elvie Aka Elvis Elvie Aka Elvis Elvie Aka Elvis

Elvie Aka Elvis

Listed February 22, 2018

Age: 5 yrs.

Gender: Female

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size:

Fixed: No

Shots: No

Breed:Domestic Short Hair

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Domestic Short Hair

Special Needs

Any guesses as to why this five-year-old female is named Elvis?  Why, her crushed pelvis most likely caused by a car accident that is now all healed! She only requires a special food to keep her feeling fine and ready to dance.  Elvie doesn't let her story define her, however, she is pure sweetheart when she discovers she loves you. She is a kitty with particular taste, so if she connects with you, you'll melt.  Elvie is good with her kitty boundaries and will tell you when she's had enough lovings.  Our Kitten Queen has personally kept her these past five years and, I quote, '...she’s looking for another soulmate but doesn’t quite realize she is. I would personally keep her because of how much she loves me. But the problem with that is she is a one and only kitty. She’s my girl. But she really deserves more than I can give her.'  Come see this special kitty and be prepared to fall in love--she's a soulmate kitty! Feb. '18. 

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