Listed February 28, 2017

Age: 2 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 26-60 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes

Breed:Yellow Labrador Retriever

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Yellow Labrador Retriever / Mixed "short coat"

Special Needs

Spend a few minutes with Winston and your heart will melt. He is a 5 month old boy - 27 pounds of very sweet, eager-to-please, gangly, exuberant puppy joy. He is working hard to grow into being a wonderful medium-size dog (maybe 50-60 pounds). 


Winston’s short coat should be easy to care for, and it is so soft – like a teddy bear. He is a beautiful golden color, with white paws, white muzzle, white chest, and white on the very tip of his tail. His breed mix is uncertain (maybe golden retriever and boxer?), but whatever his heritage, Winston is a gem. He is friendly to everyone he meets-men, women, children, and other dogs.  He is likely too rambunctious for households with toddlers but he has been gentle around all children. It’s unknown how he would do with cats, but he may be fine if he is introduced to them at this young age. He enjoys playing with other dogs, playing ball, taking long walks (even in light rain), romping through tall grass and lying in a sunny spot. He has a keen nose and on walks he spends time with nose to the ground so he may develop an interest in wildlife. Winston is growing fast and has a strong appetite. He will come and sit politely next to you when he is hungry. He is active, walking 4+ miles a day and playing vigorously with 2 other dogs. He had a bad bout of diarrhea several weeks ago but is fine now and seems to be healthy. He has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. 


Winston is a youngster, learning to be his best self. He is reliably housebroken, though he still needs to go out every few hours during the day (he is fine overnight).  He is getting big for a crate, but is fine riding in a crate in the car. He knows how to sit and walks pretty well on a leash. He is food motivated, and wants to please, which will make training easier. And, he seems to learn quickly. Winston is comfortable being touched anywhere (feet, ears, face). He can be petted while he is playing with a toy or chewing a treat. There has been no sign of any aggression or resource guarding - he has been very gentle, sweet-natured and even-tempered, and he is relatively calm for a puppy. When he is tired he goes to his bed and naps.  He does not react much to other dogs, bicycles, cars or people going by. He cries a little when left alone, but calms down quickly (especially if he has a chew treat to distract him). He loves to be with people and to cuddle up next to you.


Winston is at the stage of development where his puppy playfulness is sweet and hilarious. But young dogs can be a challenge as they transition to adulthood. Winston still has his puppy teeth. He chews sticks and chew toys but he hasn’t shown signs of destructive or inappropriate chewing (socks, shoes, couches) typical for dogs his age. He hasn’t yet, but he could knock things over with his wagging tail. He has done some digging in the yard. With his eagerness to please, time and positive training should resolve any problem behaviors that arise. We can direct you to lots of good resources for help with training.


Winston was left at a shelter as a small puppy and rescued by Yolo SPCA.  After adoption, he was returned to Yolo SPCA for puppy biting (common for puppies who, like toddlers, put everything in their mouth). Biting has not been an issue in his foster home. He is trying so hard to be a good boy. 


Winston is full of enthusiasm and affection, and is a joy to be around. He will thrive with people who can dedicate time, energy, patience, and lots of love to work with him on positive training (especially during the next 2 years) and make sure he gets plenty of daily exercise. For the right person/s or family, Winston will be a truly fabulous forever friend.


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