Boy George

Boy George

Listed June 18, 2017

Age: 5 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 11-25 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes

Breed:Bunny Rabbit

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Bunny Rabbit "medium coat"

Special Needs

Hello! My name is Boy George and no, before you ask, I was not nor have I ever been in a fight. I know I have black spots around my eyes, but that’s just part of my signature look. Do you really think these wee paws of mine could fit into boxing gloves?

Instead of fighting, I like to spend my time writing songs and being a DJ at Club Carrot.

Maybe you’ve heard of one of my songs – it’s called “Karma Chamelebun.” Pretty catchy, I know.

Maybe if you swing on by my digs at SaveABunny, I’ll give you your very own live performance!

(Indoor home only with mostly cage-free time required. Adoption fee includes spay/neuter. Please read our complete adoption policy at for more information.)



Adoption Fee Details

$85.00 for a single rabbit
$160.00 for a pair

Adoption Fees Include:
Rabbit-safe Spay/Neuter Surgery (before rabbit goes home)
Medical examination by a participating outside veterinarian
Educational materials on the care of the rabbit
SaveABunny Membership

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