Manu and Tori

Manu and Tori

Listed May 10, 2018

Age: Unknown yrs. Unknown mos.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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Hello! We are Manu and Tori,beautiful lovebirds, not only best buddies but also siblings. For now we`re shacking up with our fosters -- okay, they`re actually pretty cool to hang with -- but we are on the hunt for our forever home.

We are learning stuff like a call and respond routine and how to return to our cage. We`re also learning to trust hands -- they`re kind of scary, but not as much if they are holding treats. These are things very important to us as we are fullly-flighted and we don`t want our people to get lost. We are also in the process of converting from a seed diet to one with more cereal (pellets, currently Zupreem). It`s actually kind of tough because it`s hard to tell whether or not that stuff is really food. If you love to love lovebirds, we can help you!

Manu And Tori are learning hands are okay and have been making some progress in regards to stepping up. They love to sit on a head and preen and keep themselves pretty busy. They would love to find their forever home with someone who can be interactive with them but also allow them to play and have their space. They are happy little birds.

Please contact the Lovebird coordinator for more information!

Special Needs

Notice: Lovebirds are flock animals, and most of them form a very strong bond with another lovebird. We have found that, when single lovebirds are kept alone, they are more likely to experience behavioral problems which can include feather picking and mutilation. Because of this, unless a household currently includes another lovebird, Mickaboo usually requires that a minimum of a pair of lovebirds be adopted.

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