Denver Denver Denver


Listed July 02, 2018

Age: 7 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size:

Fixed: Yes

Shots: No

Breed:Basset Hound

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Basset Hound

Special Needs

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Denver’s foster parent has this to say about this houndie: 
Denver loves people and  he settles nicely in the home.   I sometimes will find him tucked sound asleep in an open crate. He sleeps quietly on a pillow by the bed during the night and during the day, he loves to lounge in the yard and warm sunshine. He gets on well with other dogs, but would prefer not to have too many roommates. Cats are okay with this houndie. Rides in the car are the best. Denver is a pretty quiet man who would probably like short walks and lots of human companionship. I would not recommend children or young dogs. He can be fussy about being handled ie. eye medication, toenails etc. Food is an issue with Denver when other dogs are present.
Denver would enjoy being a faithful and loving companion for an older person. Is that person you? 

Adoption Fee Details

◾Puppy up to 6mths old - $400
◾6 mths-less than 1 yr old - $350
◾1-3 yrs old - $300
◾4-5 yrs old - $275
◾6-8 yrs old - $250
◾9 yrs & older - $150 (see our Golden Oldies program - if you are over 65 you can adopt a senior hound, 9 yrs or older, for half price)

•NOTE - we do ask for an adoption donation.  This is not for the purchase of the basset hound, but a donation towards the cost of caring for all the hounds that come through our Rescue.  Some cost more than others, and some hounds stay in foster homes forever, where their medical bills are paid for by GGBR on an ongoing basis.  On average a basset hound coming through GGBR costs approximately $700 in medical, spay/neuter, vaccination, heartworm treatment etc.  As a donation, this amount can be claimed as a tax deduction, along with other types of donation you make to us and other 501c3 non-profit organizations.  Payments made to GGBR for purchase of items via the Online Store are NOT tax deductible.  Donations in excess of the above amounts are welcomed!!

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