Dusty Dusty


Listed July 13, 2018

Age: 2 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 11-25 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes

Breed:German Wirehaired Pointer

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German Wirehaired Pointer / Mixed

Special Needs

Dusty was an 11th hour rescue from a shelter and about to lose his life the next morning. He had no options left and no one has stepped up to help him. Shelter contacted us and we rescued him. Dusty was adopted from the shelter a year ago and returned due to lack of time to train him. He is moderately active athletic needs training can jump up to face level (wants attention) will chew leash (excited) and needs more dog socialization. Dusty was fine with other nice shelter dogs but stiff. Dusty is unsure how to socialize (under-socialized). He was fine with a female dog that gave him kisses on his face. Shelter staff say he is very friendly and lovable with people. Dusty loves attention and being petted. Many adore him. Once he gets his exercise/walk he relaxes and settles down. Dusty needs a very experienced adult dog foster home with someone around more that has good training skills and is able to exercise him daily. More info. to come from his temp. foster home.

Adoption Fee Details

Placing our home fostered rescue dogs and cats as a true happy family member for life, is our most important and rewarding mission. We look for a match based on the animal's activity level, training needs, care, personality and behavior traits.

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Golden Dogs
Dogs (7 yrs+): $200, Chihuahua/mix & Pit/mix: $100 or please help match vet bill cost to FFR (usually about $350 - $1500)

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Cat: $90 or please match vet bill cost to FFR (usually about $150+)
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