Remy 178180 & Yogi 178181 Remy 178180 & Yogi 178181 Remy 178180 & Yogi 178181

Remy 178180 & Yogi 178181

Listed July 25, 2018

Age: 5 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes


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Terrier / Mixed (short coat)

Special Needs

This animal is available at Marin Humane Society


Please do not contact North Bay

Remy 178180 & Yogi 178181


Their breed mix is a mystery; likely part terrier, maybe even some Bull Terrier there?             


Remy is White / Red


Yogi is Red with some white


Sex Male            




Age 7Yrs 3Mths 2Wks          


Where can you find us?    


I am at the Marin Humane location.


You can contact me by


Phone (415) 506-6225


Fax (415) 382-1349


Address 171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd. Novato        


A Little Bit About Us


Yogi and Remy are looking for a pretty quiet home where they can take their time settling in. This move will be much easier than coming to the shelter; they were too scared to make friends for a while. Brave little guys came around and are getting downright social. They are happier when together. In fact Remy helps Yogi feel more self-assured.


Their breed mix is a mystery; likely part terrier, maybe even some Bull Terrier there?


Once comfy in their new digs, they both deserve regular exercise and varied toys of their own. Encourage them to play with you. Yogi is the shyer dog, so he can watch and join in later. Too much going on around them is frightening. Neither have had the advantage of an education. As young middle aged dogs, we know they can still learn and enjoy it. Treats should be super tiny, but they help these guys to come out of their shells. That will help reward them for getting the right idea while you are training, and to keep keep the behaviors you want. Because they could use more confidence, try the Nose Work Classes (working to find special scents). Their self reliance will go way up and they might fine the environment less challenging than Small Dog Classes. Of course they also are terrific, teaching the basics and developing your communication skills with each other.


Although Remy might tolerate respectful children who will not demand too much of him. Yogi, as the less self assured dog, will need to have more mature family members mature who can help him feel safe. An adult should actively supervise them whenever together to be sure that they are all having a good time. Yogi will cringe if reached for suddenly or over his head. Teach him that you will say 'up' every time BEFORE you pick him up, so he that he won't be surprised at the sudden hold and lift.


Both Remy and Yogi liked each other but did not appreciate new dogs we introduced him to, especially the big ones. Having two dogs who are already bonded will be a challenge for even the very experienced family.


They each need to have individual attention, training and play time from their people. But again, that will be twice as rewarding. Yogi has taken longer than Remy to feel comfortable in new situations and with new people, so he might take more time to learn to work with you. He liked treats and chose to stay within reach of his people, these are all pluses. If Remy is learning more quickly, have him perform a few quick sit and release with a treat where Yogi can seem him. This might help them build self esteem.


A family of his own will get to see them comYogi and Remy's friendship, you both deserve it. They really are great little dogs. 

Adoption Center: (415) 506-6225

The Marin Humane Society 
171 Bel Marin Keys Blvd., Novato, California 94949


Adoption Fee Details

Adoption fee $150.00 We require an adoption application, a home check and have an adoption contract if the adoption is approved.

The adoption fees you pay help us defray costs we incur when pulling dogs from shelters. We are charged by the shelters the same as you would be charged. The others costs we incur include spay & neuter fees and other miscellaneous medical expenses.  We must also pay for the cost of advertising the dogs in order to find new homes, transporting animals, phone bills in responding to potential adopters (many of which are long distance calls), and food and supplements for the dogs. 

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