Listed March 06, 2014

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: No

Shots: No


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If you want a bird that speaks very good English I am the bird for you.  In fact, if you want a bird to talk with you, you might have your hands full with me. I understand Spanish and speak English. I do not like spending time away from humans and say "Hello" and "Hi" a lot when I want attention. I complain if you don't talk with me as I get lonely and like to be around people. My foster Dad calls me his Walmart greeter bird.

I also say a lot of other things but mostly when I want to. I will say "Polly want a cracker" if you are eating something that looks good or offer me a treat. When I'm having a good day, I say "Cappi is a good, little bird!" When I have a bad day, I say "Cappi no good!".

If I bond with you I will make a sweet and very loyal companion for many years.  Click here to contact my adoption coordinator to hear more about me!

Special Needs

I am a special needs bird and need aspiration for air saculitis about every two weeks by a vet or an experienced bird owner. This is how I got one of my nicknames Bubble Boy. The condition is chronic but I do not mind it as long as you take care of it regularly.

Adoption Fee Details

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