Listed July 11, 2014

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: No

Shots: No


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I came to Mickaboo after spending the last 20 years with a family that got me from a shelter. When I came to Mickaboo I wasn't feeling well so my new mom took me to an avian vet. The vet drew blood and gave me a thorough exam. All my blood work looked good except I had a permanently injured foot, a sinus infection, and I show signs of atherosclerosis. Oh, the vet also said I was way too fat and I needed a new diet plan.

So here I live in my foster home with two dogs, two young children, and a lot of activity around me. I love the small dog and tolerate the big one (who likes to eat the food off the bottom of my cage). The children's toys are in the room where I live and I like purring at them and watching them play. Did I tell you I'm a water bird? I love getting wet and I hang out on a shower perch anytime someone in my family showers. Since my foster mom hand-fed me when I moved in I began to trust her and I always step-up when she asks. If I get nervous while I'm out I run to my mom to pick me up and I know I'm safe. I let her pet me, carry me around, and I love our evening snuggles.

As I was weaned off my sunflower seed diet, I started eating Harrison's pellets dipped in applesauce. I also like whole wheat pasta, cheese, tortillas, tangerines, bananas, cereal, and of course anything my humans are eating. My last family didn't handle me so I am slowly warming up to being touched. Due to an old and severe injury I have a crippled foot which causes me trouble balancing. I prefer rope perches to wood ones as I can grab on better with my good foot.

I am very social and love to be in the same room as my human companions, whether they are napping, reading, watching TV, or working. I'm also starting to talk! If you think I might fit into your family, please contact the Amazon coordinator.

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