Minnie & Shasta Minnie & Shasta

Minnie & Shasta

Listed November 12, 2017

Age: 3-7 yrs.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes


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My name is Minnie. I came to Mickaboo from a lady who was moving far away to Thailand and couldn’t take me with her. So she found me a temporary home at Mickaboo. Later my foster parront introduced me to Laddy and at first it seemed like we had that Lovebird ‘chemistry” to bond and stay together for the rest of our lives but unfortunately it didn’t work out….so I’m single again.

My foster dad takes really great care of me and his other Lovebirds. We get good food, plenty of “out time” and a great big play area to frolic around! Now to find a Forever Home. I would love to stay here forever but my foster dad needs to take in other Lovebirds who need to be helped as soon as I’m adopted so I understand.

I promise to brighten your lives with our happy chatter and endless antics! If you have not had a lovebird in your life, you are really missing out. - we are just too cute!

If your interested in adopting me please contact Mickaboo right away and thanks for looking!

Special Needs

Lovebirds are flock animals, and most of them form a very strong bond with another Lovebird. We have found that when single Lovebirds are kept alone they are more likely to experience behavioral problems including feather picking & mutilation. Because of this, unless a household currently includes another Lovebird, Mickaboo usually requires a minimum of a pair of Lovebirds be adopted.

Minnie is now bonded with Shasta and they should be adopted as a pair.

Adoption Fee Details

Varies - Contact us at mail@mickaboo.org