Listed January 30, 2015

Age: 14 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes


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Hi there, I'm a great bird looking for a great home. My family can't take care of me anymore due to their health problems.

I'm a 14 year-old umbrella cockatoo named Zoey. The pet store thinks I am a male and with all the personality I have, they are probably right! I love to hang out with my people and feel included. I've never had any feather picking problems and I adjust to new situations fairly easily. I readily step up and love to have my head feathers preened. I say "pretty Zoey" and "hi Zoey." I would love to take a shower with you and I'll talk up a storm. I'm very smart so you need to be sure to secure my cage door & feed doors with padlocks. And don't leave the key too close because I'll figure out how to use it to let myself out! I eat Fiesta mix, grapes, string cheese, celery, pasta, and apples. Can you convert my main diet to pellets? Because that would make me much healthier!

I like to be covered at night. I'll speak up to let you know that I'm ready for bed. Running children, the vacuum cleaner and the ice maker on the refrigerator scare me. If you think I would make a great addition to your family, please contact the cockatoo coordinator as soon as possible and ask to meet Zoey!

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