Listed November 10, 2016

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes


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Adonis is a small guy, even for a standard American budgie. He's a little unusual-looking: the toenails on his longer front toes have always grown outward rather than curving down, and he walks with a bit of a limp due to a weakness in one leg. He doesn't let any of that get him down, though, and his tiny body holds a big personality.

His greatest passion in life is singing to his lovely female budgie friend, Mouse. He also loves to preen and feed her, and will occasionally flirt with other females as well - hey, they are all so beautiful! He is often the first to fly joyfully about the cage in the morning, and the last to stop singing at night. He isn't a big fan of stepping onto human fingers, but he IS a big sucker for millet and will eagerly come sit on a hand to eat a seed treat.

He eats a healthy main diet of tiny Roudybush pellets, and adores tearing up fresh greens and leaf-bathing on them if they're wet. Speaking of bathing, Adonis LOVES his spritz-baths. He will come to the front of the cage and cling to the bars, fluttering his fluffed-up wings and trying to get directly into the path of the spray.

This little cutie will add cheerfulness to any home. Click here to contact the adoption coordinator to hear more about Adonis!

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