Dagwood & Goldie

Dagwood & Goldie

Listed November 12, 2017

Age: 0-6 mos.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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Our names are officially Wen-wen and Fu-fu, but we decided that we wanted to be named Dagwood and Goldie (not quite like the cartoon series, but we like it). We are the offspring of a family who now only had us left and we are the 3rd generation of lovies.

As you can see, we are yellow lutinos with cherry heads

The gentleman who was caring for us had a change in work demands so he contacted Mickaboo to try to find a home for us where we can have the care we need. It was a loving thing to do because we ended up having some health issues that needed to be addressed. We do need a good diet and plenty of out of cage time where we can get some exercise.

We are pretty happy birds. We aren`t finger trained and we are a still afraid of hands (our foster dad is slowly working on that). But we`ve adapted to a nice schedule of playing with our toys in the morning, and if dad gets home from work in time, coming out for a few hours onto our perches around his home office. We love being out, and we think it`s hilarious to dive bomb dad while he`s working on the computer. We flap in circles to stretch our wings (we aren`t clipped obviously), but we love having a bit of variety in our day. When it comes time to go home, dad has taught us that he says "go home" and gently moves us towards the cage, and we fly to our cage, and climb back into our cages! Of course dad bribes us with fruit, millet, and other yummies, so we don`t mind going home smile We don`t need/like to be covered up at night, dad even leaves a dim nightlight light on for us. In the morning we like to great the morning with a nice round of singing.

We are both nicely colored and have been eating well. We like various fruits and veggies (some more than others, and of course we like seed and millet) like grated carrot, apples, chopped spinach, occasionally a very little bit of warm wild rice, and corn, We try things, but like most birdies we are likely to give something new "the critical eye" smile All in all we are a healthy and happy pair. We don`t need a lot of attention, through we do like coming out (daily if possible) to fly to our perches and playpen. We love our toys, and we discovered it`s hilarious to tie our toys together. We`d be a pretty good match for someone that wanted pretty birds that like to chirp and sing (but aren`t loud like a bigger bird), but don`t require a lot of hands-on interaction. We aren`t clingy and we`d probably be very happy to be in a living room in front of a nice window to watch TV with family.

We get nervous around new activities, so we`d want to be a little bit out of the way, but we do like being talked to. And we do like to bath in our food dish. So far we haven`t taken to bathing in a dish on the bottom of our cage, but dad thinks we`d like a nice temporary bird bath in our cage. Our feathers are beautiful, we are happy little birdies, and we are complete little clowns. We are little parrots (we are hookbills after all)! We are smart, and like being part of the family smile

If you would like to meet this awesome pair and provide a home for them please contact the species coordinator.

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