Spencer & Walt

Spencer & Walt

Listed June 22, 2018

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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Hello, it's Walt. I'm from the SF Telegraph Hill flock and was found with a broken wing. Mickaboo took me to the vet, where I got great care and am now healed. I can say that I am a YUGE Telegraph Hill conure. That means I have a lot of mitred in me. And, well, a little bit of attitude.

I'm very energetic and playful, exploring my cage and ringing my bell, which is my very favorite toy. I got it at the vets and they sent it along with me to my foster home. Just like me, it's also YUGE. I just started hanging out with Spencer, another conure from the SF flock. He's a great buddy. Here we are pictured together, me on the right, Spencer on the left. We'll see how that goes and, in the meantime, Spencer wants to say something.

Hello, Spencer here. I'm a rather shy little bird from the Telegraph Hill flock. Mickaboo rescued me after I had crashed into a building. They got me to the vet and got me all better. I had some perching problems for a bit, but now I do quite well. The Mickaboo conure team named me, as always, after one of the streets in San Francisco - Spencer.

I just started hanging out with Walt. How exciting! I used to be pretty scared of humans, but now, I'm getting used to them. And Walt is pretty brave, so I'm learning from him not to be scared. Still, we are mostly hands-off birds. We play with toys and hang out, looking very cute.

I just arrived at my new foster home, so mommy and daddy are helping me to adjust. There's a big aviary attached to the bird room here, and I went out today to peek at it. Maybe they'll take a picture of me next time I fly out there. Oh, and I must say, the food here is delicious! Lots of vegetables, pellets, and seasonal fruit and nuts as treats! Just like the rest of my flock here, I am a very good eater. Yum!

I'm looking for a forever home for me and my buddy. Would you like to come and meet us? Just contact the species coordinator for the SF flock parrots.


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