Listed January 05, 2016

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: Female

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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Hi, my name is Jolie which means “pretty” in French! I’m a lovely gray mutation Indian Ringneck girl. I went on an adventure outdoors and got lost. Lucky for me a nice lady found me and saved me from an uncertain fate. Now I’m in a nice Mickaboo foster home and living the good life.

I’m calm around people and will take a treat from my foster mom’s hand. Mom says I’m a darling bird and that I have personality plus! I love to eat Nutriberries. I have discovered the joy of pellets! Mom kept putting them in my cage and for a long time I wouldn't touch them. Then one day I tried one and, wow, are they ever good. Now I'm on a healthy diet of pellet and veggies. I still get a few seeds for treats.....just for fun. I like to come out of my cage and hang out on the arm of the couch with mom while she watches tv. I'm a playful girl and love every toy my mom gives me.

Life is exciting! I have learned to step up on a perch, land on my parront's arm (if it is covered with my favorite towel), and I love to stroll through an improvised towel tunnel. I would do almost anything for a good treat and I am a true gourmet: I like all kinds of berries, pomegranate, banana, and almonds (in moderation, of course, that's what everyone says… but no-one asks me). But nothing can top apple slivers.  I am a really smart and curious girl and eager to learn new things. I also enjoy flying, napping, bathing, and whistling; in short I know the savoir-vivre, which is no surprise given the French heritage of my name. You can see me relaxing to Chopin in my traveling home in the video.

I am an equal-opportunity Ringneck and like both men and women, even random visitors; but I am not keen on fingers unless they hold aforementioned TREATS. As with most Ringnecks, I am pretty independent and happy when I can shred my favorite toys.

I’m happy in my foster home, but I would like a person and a forever home all my own. If you would like to meet me just click on the link and tell my adoption coordinator that you want to meet Jolie!


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