Kiri Kiri


Listed February 20, 2016

Age: 6 mos.

Gender: Female

Weight: 7 lbs

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes

Breed:Dilute Tortoiseshell

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Kiri is a 6 month old dilute tortoiseshell female kitten. She has big eyes that gaze right into yours, asking if you will be her friend. Kiri was once fearful of new people but now she enjoys loves and pets, purring all the while. She likes to be held curled up in your arms right next to your neck and chin. Kiri loves to play with all kinds of toys. Sometimes she gets quirky and she decides she is not ready to be held and jumps down.That is the famous "tortietude" personality showing up. Kiri wants what she wants when she wants it, and not when YOU want it. Kiri has a brother, Trevor. Kiri is dependent on her brother Trevor and he calls for her when he cannot find her. They get along well and would keep each other company in a home where people are gone to work or school most of the day. She and her brother are the only two survivors out of a litter of 6, and they are very special. If you would like to meet Kiri, contact or 707-441-9502. An application, home check and adoption fee of $75 are required. Discount to seniors, military/veterans, on disability. Located in Eureka, CA (NorCal)

Adoption Fee Details

Our adoption fees are based on the age of the animal with the highest fee being $100 for kittens. We do offer discounts to seniors, military/veterans, and on disability.