Listed February 24, 2016

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: N/A

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Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: No

Shots: No


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Hi, I'm Pepper, part of the GCC 4-pack with Alex, Amie, and Mr. Green Jeans.

We are totally adorable!! Right now we all live together in one big cage which our parents will donate if someone adopts all of us together (which would be nice!!). We get along really well and watching our antics would make concrete smile – and that’s not easy!!  Two of us (Alex and Amie) are "fancy" green cheeks with lighter coloration and are bonded to each other (maybe we’re brothers???) so we really need to be adopted together. The other two (Mr. Green Jeans and Pepper) are the "normal” GCC’s – if there is such a thing! We don’t have to stay together but we’re a flock now so we sure would love it if we could. We used to be really tame but then our mom had to have surgery and she hasn’t been able to spend as much time with us lately – but we just need a little more attention to be that way again!

In case you’re wondering if we like other birds we currently live with 1 Moluccan female 'too, 2 Rose Breasted 'toos, 2 B&G Macaws, 3 Congo African Greys, 2 zebra finches, 2 cockatiels, 3 Nanday conures (1 totally blind), 2 Amazons (1 50 yr old and blind who is protected by the other one), and maybe about 10 Sun and Jenday conures, Oh right – and 4 cats – can’t forget them!!

The Mickaboo volunteer who came to visit us said we are some of the happiest and healthiest birds she had ever seen - not a feather picker in the group.  Many of us are rescues from garages, the backs of pet stores, bad people, etc.  Some of our flock has deformities and handicaps of various kinds, which is why our parents took us in – they are such nice people!! 

All of us live in one big room.   A few have our own cages, but most are housed with one or more of their same species. All of us are fully-flighted, and we love to go blasting across the living room and the dining room singing with joy.   A couple of the Sun/Jendays have learned that if they sit on top of the built-in microwave they can spring the door open when it is not in operation, which they do with great glee. Isn’t that funny???

If you come visit us it won’t be long before we start landing on you - suddenly you have a macaw on your shoulder or a happy conure. We have a window in our bird room which opens to a big outside aviary-type enclosure, and we all like to go out there when we can – kind of like our own personal doggie door!!  It is filled with plants and we all get natural sun and baths etc. while we’re out there.

We’ve all been on a nutritious diet of mostly pellets and fresh produce and have had regular vet check-ups.

So you’re wondering why we are up for adoption??? Unfortunately our parents are in their 70's and they do have some health issues, and they feel they should start to downsize, but only if we will go to really REALLY good homes. So if you think you’d like a couple of us – or better yet all of us – please e-mail the Conure Coordinator and ask about the 4-pack. Thanks!!!

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