Listed June 08, 2016

Age: 20 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 11-25 lbs.

Fixed: Yes

Shots: Yes


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My name is Pepe, a 20-year-old male Blue & Gold macaw. I'm a large and extremely handsome bird in glorious full feather, with a great sense of humor.

I came to Mickaboo in 2008 with a beak injury and a couple of fractures in my wing and tail, all of which I've managed to conquer and put behind me. I cannot fly because of what I endured. I lived for seven years with a wonderful family, but recently a family member's serious illness has put me back in the search for a new forever home.

My hard life before Mickaboo left me with some mental scars, and when I am afraid I can be pretty scary. I act like I’m not afraid of anything, but my foster mom figured out my secret – I’m actually pretty nervous with the unfamiliar and I protect myself by looking huge, tough, and threatening. And, sorry to admit, but my fear-bite could be as bad as my bark.

But my foster mom also discovered my other secret – I am a tender heart. Give me a little time to learn that I have nothing to fear, and I become butter in your hands. After two months of coaxing, I learned to gently step up, sing in the shower with her, take treats, and bow my head for scritches. I call out for her when she comes home, and eagerly join the human and bird flock in the family room to hang out every day. I love to eat everything I’m offered. I say Hi, Hello, Hello Rocky, Whatsa-matter?, I love you, and Kiss. After I say Kiss, I make a long, loud, exaggerated kissing sound. Also, when you give me a treat, I shout “Wooo!” or “Yum!” I love to sing along with people, imitating the tune and babbling similar words, and after we’re done, I sing the word, “Opera!” I get a bit car sick when I travel. Mom has taken me to public events and I recover all right, but traveling is not my favorite thing.

If you'd like a fun, funny fellow to just hang out, I might be just your guy. Contact my species adoption coordinator.

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