Sage, Jade & Kelly

Sage, Jade & Kelly

Listed June 20, 2016

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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Hi! we are Sage, Jade & Kelly - the conure trio. We were flying free in an empty home, until a Mickaboo volunteer rescued us. We are not used to a lot of human attention, so will do just fine with food, toys and each other for company. Have you thought about an indoor aviary? Sounds cool, huh? Well, we'd do great in an indoor aviary or large cage and you can watch us play, cuddle and fly. We like to vocalize like all parrots, but we're not noisy or loud.

We have already made a lot of progress since we were rescued by Mickaboo. We are good eaters and already on a diet of Nutri-an & fresh fruits and vegetables.

Its a little hard to tell us apart, but one of us, Kelly has a uniquely curved beak.

If you would like some awesome, cute little birdy roommates, then please contact the conure coordinator. We are waiting desperately for our forever home. Our foster mom is even willing to donate the cage we live in to a new family.

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