Chantal and Xantha Chantal and Xantha

Chantal and Xantha

Listed July 31, 2017

Age: 3-7 yrs.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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I'm Chantal! I'm a beautiful blend of yellow green and even some blue on my tail. Come and see me and you'll want to take me home! I love my veggies (and I'm a sucker for sweetcorn) and I get along with my two cage buddies really well. I'll eat food from your hand - especially if you have any millet.....can I check your pockets? Millet can be anywhere, you know...

Hi, I`m Xantha. I`m very bright and active. The morning after I came to Mickaboo, I made my foster parent laugh when I basically fell face-first into a very small food cup with only a tiny bit of food in the bottom of the cup. But I showed her! When my parent refilled the cup and filled it nearly to the brim, I threw that darn food EVERYWHERE! Then I hid on the bottom of the cage UNDER the paper, searching thru the food I`d tossed just to be sure I didn`t miss any seeds. This foster parent seems to think I`m supposed to eat healthier stuff! Still, I`m a fun little girl and I sure could use a forever home!

I`ve been fostered with Mickaboo for over two years now.. but I don`t know why nobody will adopt me. In my current foster flock I`m the ring leader instigating all the chewing shenanigans. I am an expert shredder and I love misting showers. After a good misting I will rub over everything in my cage!

I am a bit of an OCD chewer on certain cage bars so anyone looking after me should watch to make sure I don`t chew off any plastic or paint, and cover bits of my cage that I tend to chew with either rope or toys. I`ll keep you entertained in return!

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