Listed October 01, 2016

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: Female

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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I'm Scarlett. I'm a red, black, and blue beauty who's been chewing some of my feathers on my tummy and wings, but I think mostly out of boredom and a bit of frustration. A cage that is the proper size, more out time, and some handling and I seem to be much happier.

I'm always excited to see people, and I step right up. I love to spend time with my people whether I'm on top of the cage or on my people. But I don't quite know how to deal with shoulders - I don't think I have very good balance, so I like to have something to lean on or step on just in case. I get pretty upset if I slip off your shoulder since I don't fly well at all - my wing are clipped and I seem to keep them that way. So I tend to get carried around with two hands - yay! I mutter a bit, and I'm quiet unless I hear you walking around in the kitchen making coffee and we aren't invited out. Then I may remind you that I like to be with people.

Scarlett loves coming into the shower (on your hands of course - so she doesn't slip). She's also quite the shoulder/chest lounger. When watching TV she literally will sit and let her head/beak fall down slowly until she's fast asleep (like a person sleeping face down). And she's has a few places she knows she can safely sit ... and, needing entertainment, she's happy to wander around my desk looking for trouble to get into.

She's eating a variety of good veggie, sprouts, and limited Ekkie-specific pellets (though like all birds she'll grab a chip without any hesitation. She's partial to men and more reserved with women.  She likes playing with toys now, just needs a little bit of TLC (but nothing special otherwise).

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Special Needs

Scarlett has slightly twisted feet, so she needs perches setup that she can "nest" on, or platforms, and she's a bit aggressive with the preening, but she's healthy now, so it should just be habit at this point.

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