Beale & Monterey

Beale & Monterey

Listed December 06, 2016

Age: Over 7 yrs.

Gender: N/A

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: 11-25 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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Hi, I'm Beale, named after one of the popular streets in San Francisco. I used to live with the Telegraph Hill flock cherryheads, until I got sick and injured. Mickaboo took me in and the vet made me better. I'm still a little wobbly but I can climb well and fly short distances. I've also learned to step up onto a big birdie ladder to move around the house, or back to my cage. That means "no more Mr. Towel." I've come such a long way!

I'm now paired up with "Monty" who is my best buddy. He's a little more wobbly on his feet, but he's also getting better and climbing and perching. That's us, snuggling up together. I'm on the left.

We can use a relatively normal cage, with a few tweaks to the setup. We love toys and like music and are enjoying the cockatiels in our foster home. I think you can tell from our picture how happy and adorable we are. We have great appetites and eagerly take yummy treats from our foster parents. We also eat all kinds of healthy vegetables and pellets, so we get seasonal fruits, nuts, and seeds as rewards and also as bedtime snacks. Naturally, we LOVE bedtime. smile

Both of us are getting really comfortable with humans, and love hanging out with you, playing with toys, and capturing your hearts. And, we're not demanding; we can entertain ourselves while you do your own thing, or sit and read or knit next to us. What would make life perfect is to have a forever place with someone who would like to share their home with two of the cutest members of the fascinating Telegraph Hill flock in SF.

If you want to come and meet us, let the coordinators know!

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