Jake & Elwood

Jake & Elwood

Listed January 16, 2017

Age: 3-7 yrs.

Gender: Male

Weight: Not Specified

Adult Size: Less than 10 lbs.

Fixed: NA

Shots: NA


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Hi, I'm Jake. I'm on the right, and I'm considered an "Opaline recessive-pied white-face." Phew! That means I have a light sky blue chest and rump, a white face, white patchy wings with fainter black wing markings, and head bars. I'm a little nervous and timid, and having Elwood around makes me feel safer and more comfortable. I have stepped onto my foster parront's finger a couple of times.

Hi, I'm Elwood. I'm on the left, and I'm considered a "Double-factor dominant-pied sky-blue whiteface." That giant mouthful means I'm mostly white with a patchy sky blue chest, a sky blue rump, and very few black wing markings and head bars. I have more of a calm, friendly, easy-going demeanor. I'm not afraid of people or their hands, and know how to step up onto a human finger.

We came to Mickaboo together.  We are bestest friends, devoted to each other & very unhappy when we must be apart, so please don't try to separate us!  If you're willing to give us some patient and positive reinforcement and training, we will be "stepping up" regularly in no time.

We would be a great companion duo for someone who enjoys watching and listening to the antics of two very animated budgies. We currently enjoy supervised daily flights in a room shared with a larger parrot, a Poinus. We even enjoy our spritz baths with him, but we are definitely wise enough to stay at a safe distance! We *love* doing "fly bys" when you are sitting on the sofa, buzzing close by so we can see what you are doing. Although we have no words, we do have a unique sound we play between us; our foster parront says it sounds like dripping water in an echoing room. We were on a seed-only diet for most of our lives. Our foster mom is teaching us to eat eat fresh veggies and healthy pelleted food, and, well, we're working at it. C'mon, I bet you can find a forever heart for two such cuties!

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